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What is the Difference Between Life Coaching and Therapy

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

I count on my husband for steamy pleasure, for a soft kiss against the cheek, for a shoulder to cry on, and for an ear to listen. I talk with him when I debate my business plans, or struggle with friends or battle my mother. I expect him to love me, comfort me, accept me, encourage me and he expects the same.

In the 21st century marital relationships are more difficult than in the past because we expect our partners to be everyone and everything to us. We expect one person to be a spouse, a healer, a helper, a friend, a cheerleader, a parent, a shoulder to cry on, a teacher. Throughout history, those needs, which we all have, were met by a village.

In a village, a parent could have lived a few doors down, and aunties might have been in the house next door. Our moral support came from our village, the elders were our teachers and guides. Throughout time, with the acceleration of technology we have dispersed and we rely more exclusively on our partner than ever before to fulfil our needs.

To alleviate the pressure, we put on our partner’s we can find support from organizations, and friends, but neither of those groups have professional training. If we consider professionals then both therapy and life coaching can help to fill some of those needs, and take the burden off of you or your partner, but both have their own place.

Life coaching, to me, is best imagined like the summit of competition to the Olympic Games. An Olympian is graced with desire, talent, skill, determination, willingness to practice, and ambition, but we’d never dream that an athlete could earn a place at the Olympics without a coach. We believe that an Olympian has a difficult journey, which requires focus and perseverance, but we also believe that they will have good days and bad, that they will struggle and that they will need professional direction.

Why don’t we believe that about ourselves? We are graced with desire, talent, skill and determination, but we often don’t allow ourselves a mentor or a coach to provide the professional support and direction we need to be exceptional. Why not? Hiring a life coach is like allowing yourself to believe you deserve greatness.

Olympian’s may get injured though, or childhood injury might come back to haunt them, or a recent trauma could impact their performance. In this instance, he or she might need a specialist, a physical therapist for example to treat a specific illness, injury or trauma. This is similar to all of us, and this, specialized service is how I view a therapist.

The program I was trained in by Jayson Gaddis at the Relationship School, Results Coaching and being an psychology undergraduate allows me to combine both therapy and coaching for fast results. I use the best of both worlds in my coaching.

Do you have a drive, a will, a desire? Do you deserve a coach? If yes, call me.

To learn more about the difference between Therapy and Coaching check out my friend and mentor Jayson Gaddis he’s got a podcast, blog and short video on the topic.

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