With Jolandé‘s help over the past 5 months, I have learned more about myself and relationships than I had over the prior several decades. I am a much happier, more empowered person today, with a much better understanding about what makes relationships work. Thank you, Jolandé!


I decided to try life coaching because I felt stuck and I had no idea what direction to go in or how to change the things that I wasn't happy with. Jolande's approach of setting small goals in order to achieve larger ones is a great way to approach the idea of making positive changes towards your own happiness. One of the things that was most important for my journey is the fact that none of the decisions I made where handed to me. It was all my own decisions but Jolande is an excellent guide and support. I loved concluding my sessions with recapping the positives I could take from that days session as this really helped keep track of my progress in relation to my over all goals. Over all, life coaching with Jolande  was one of the most positive things I have ever done and it really gave me direction as well as motivation.




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