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Jolandé Heppell


"My life story is not unique and the events and experiences I have had are certainly not unlike that which is experienced by many. It is however the sum of all these experiences, the choices, the challenges and successes I have arrived at that have led me to a greater understanding of myself. It is out of this lifelong journey and deeper insight into who I am that a need to support and empower others has developed."


At the age of 21 I entered a marriage that lasted 16 years and despite the joys of the early years and the gift of a beautiful son, my marriage ended in divorce after numerous attempts to address my spouses growing battle with multiple addictions. The years that followed initiated a phase of self exploration and the realities of life as a single mother. This was an important time for me where I actively looked at what it meant to be a woman, and how as a woman I related to those close to me and the world at large. Over the next 10 years I was involved in a hijacking attack and was involved in 2 relationships of which the one left me without a house, no furniture and badly in debt. Throughout this time I had the fortune of working as the right hand of the owner of a property development company. Over time I learned how to operate in a very male dominated industry and in a few short years found myself leading developments throughout South Africa. I started driving large projects where I reaped the benefits of becoming a director and shareholder in large developments. This became a significant chapter in my growth as a business woman and my ability to take care of myself. It more importantly shifted my relationship with myself and my identity as a mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, business partner, and being a woman.  In 2014 I married an incredible man who I have had the privilege to share my life with up until now. He too was married before, has two children and has his own set of life experiences to call his own. I have a wonderful relationship with him that works. It is in no way perfect but my willingness to learn, be vulnerable, be courageous and also to seek and find guidance where I can has made it endure and resulted in two very happy people.


It is in the more recent years of my life that I can now see myself with a wholeness and maturity that has steadily developed over a lifetime of trial and error through the acknowledgement of just being human and having the willingness to learn as I go. I believe it is in the uniqueness of our experiences and in the mistakes and choices we make that our greatest learnings and insights are to be found. I am a Level 1 Relationship Coach at The Jayson Gaddis Relationship School and a 2nd year Psychology student. My passion to see people thrive in all aspects of their lives is what has motivated me to do what I do. I have experience in guiding people successfully in all aspects of their lives, whether it be in a work, social, and relationship coaching capacity.  I can assist you in identifying and overcoming the obstacles which prevent you from the goals and successes you envision for yourself. In a safe and non-judgemental space I offer mentorship and guidance in supporting you in taking the action required to break barriers and reach new heights.  My experience as a qualified Neuro Leadership Results Coach will enable you to facilitate powerful change in your life through the use of brain-based coaching. In addition to this I bring into my practice as a coach the use of intuition to extract the non-verbal communication taking place in one-on-one sessions.  I believe that this intuitive approach to couching addresses areas that goes far beyond what words can express. I am excited by the possibilities that lie ahead of us should you decide to take up the challenge and allow the magic to unfold. No one is you, and that is your power.  I can guide you in discovering this truth.



With Jolandé‘s help over the past 5 months, I have learned more about myself and relationships than I had over the prior several decades. I am a much happier, more empowered person today, with a much better understanding about what makes relationships work. Thank you, Jolandé!


I decided to try life coaching because I felt stuck and I had no idea what direction to go in or how to change the things that I wasn't happy with. Jolande's approach of setting small goals in order to achieve larger ones is a great way to approach the idea of making positive changes towards your own happiness. One of the things that was most important for my journey is the fact that none of the decisions I made where handed to me. It was all my own decisions but Jolande is an excellent guide and support. I loved concluding my sessions with recapping the positives I could take from that days session as this really helped keep track of my progress in relation to my over all goals. Over all, life coaching with Jolande  was one of the most positive things I have ever done and it really gave me direction as well as motivation.

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